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Paint Removal Test Kit for Homeowners

New and experienced homeowners alike encounter projects that require paint removal and reapplication. The paint removal process shouldn’t be burdensome, and neither should determining which paint remover will work best for your home. When selecting a paint stripper for your home maintenance task, it is important to know that not only will the layers of paint be removed, but the surface will also be kept intact, regardless of what it is.


Because paint removal is not an exact science, but more of an art form, Dumond Chemicals removes the guesswork out of this process with their collection of sample-sized paint removers. The Complete Paint Removal Test Kit allows you to try a variety of their highly effective, eco-friendly products. By testing your project in advance, you will virtually guarantee a successful result without all the trial and error associated with trying paint removers. Dumond’s green paint removal samples makes it easy for you to find the paint stripper best suited for your project.


The following are products that are featured in the Complete Paint Removal Test Kit:

  • Peel Away® 1: Removing lead paint is made easier with this environmentally friendly paint remover. This can be used with Dumond® Laminated Paper to remove the paint and capture the lead particles.
  • Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover: Dumond’s versatile paint stripper can remove layers of coatings and paint from internal and external surfaces. This can be used on concrete, wood, fiberglass, metal and other common areas.
  • Smart Strip™ PRO Professional Paint Remover: This professional-strength, low-VOC formula is made for safe lead-based paint removal. The paste consistency can be easily used with a roller, brush or airless spray, contributing to its simple application.
  • Dumond® Laminated Paper: Difficult paint removal and lead abatement tasks are simplified with this paper, which can be used together with a Dumond paint remover product. Utilizing the laminated paper in this manner provides the best results.


Dumond Chemicals has been providing homeowners with the solutions they need to keep their house looking new for over 30 years. Their eco-friendly products, from cleaning solutions to graffiti removal, have been a powerful tool in many home improvement projects. Order Dumond’s Complete Paint Removal Test Kit or any of our other samples so you can see which product is the best fit for your home.


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