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Adhere to EPA RRP Standards Using Lead-Based
Paint Removal Systems from Dumond® Chemicals

Safe lead-based paint removal is important whether you are a homeowner doing a project yourself, or a contractor hired by a business. Because of the hazards of lead-based paint, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP), which was passed in 2008. The rule requires that firms performing renovation, repair, or painting projects in homes, childcare facilities, and preschools that were built before 1978 must be certified for lead-paint removal by the EPA RRP standards and must follow lead-safe work practices. Having an RRP certification and following lead-safe work practices will significantly reduce the number of health-related issues caused by lead poisoning.


Lead is found everywhere – in homes, in schools, and in products, just to name a few places. Historic masonry restoration, architectural cleaning, and rust stain removal are all projects that may disturb lead paint when it is being removed from a surface. Moreover, ordinary maintenance activities can create toxic lead dust. The dust particles that are released from sanding and scraping may contain lead, which is unsafe at any level. Lead causes countless health problems, especially in children. Dumond® Chemicals understands that contractors who disturb lead paint that was applied before 1978 are performing hazardous jobs, and that is why Dumond Chemicals specializes in a variety of lead paint strippers that are safe and effective solutions for these lead abatement projects.


Those who must follow the EPA RRP standards for removing lead paint include:

  • General contractors
  • Remodeling contractors
  • Demolition workers
  • Maintenance workers in multi-family housing
  • Painters, plumbers, and specialty trade workers


Lead abatement products from Dumond Chemicals include Peel Away® products, Peel Away® Marine products, Smart Strip™ products, and Lead Stop®. All of the products created by Dumond Chemicals are perfect for non-toxic paint removal from any surface. Removing lead paint from wood, among other surfaces, is fast and easy when using Peel Away 1, Peel Away 5, Peel Away 7 or virtually any other safe lead-based paint removal system from Dumond Chemicals.

Because of the health hazards associated with lead abatement if not done carefully and without the right products, hiring a certified contractor who uses heavy-duty lead paint removers is key. Renovation, repainting, and painting projects taking place in buildings that were painted before 1978 requires non-toxic paint removal solutions from a trusted company. Dumond Chemicals produces the best lead paint strippers for safe lead-based paint removal for any job, large or small.

If you are a professional contractor and looking for environmentally friendly lead paint strippers, look no further than Dumond Chemicals. The company has been an industry leader in safe solutions for Lead Abatement and Lead Encapsulating since its inception. With a variety of eco-green products that safely remove lead paint, Dumond Chemicals is a leader in the professional, marine, DIY, and industrial consumer industries. Since it developed its first paint removal solution, Dumond Chemicals has been striving to provide the safest, most effective paint removal and coating systems for a variety of industries. For more information on safe lead-based paint removal systems from Dumond Chemicals, call 800-245-1191.



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