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Meet EPA RRP Standards with Lead-Based
Paint Removal Systems from Dumond® Chemicals

The Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP), which was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1998, requires that firms and individuals follow certain standards to reduce the risks associated with lead poisoning that are a result of lead paint being disturbed. Lead-based paint removal can be a safe process when the correct measures and lead paint strippers are used.

There are three main EPA RRP standards that firms must meet when attempting safe lead-based paint removal:

  • RRP certification: EPA-certified contractors who use safe lead-based paint removal systems, such as those developed by Dumond® Chemicals, ensure non-toxic paint removal.
  • Employee training: Individuals must be trained in safely removing lead paint by participating in a training course accredited by the EPA or an EPA-authorized program.
  • Lead-safe working: When removing lead paint from wood, concrete, or any other surface, the work area must be posted, contained, and cleaned post-renovation.


Dumond Chemicals understands the importance of the EPA’s RRP rule and provides some of the best lead paint strippers on the market for lead abatement and lead encapsulating. With a heavy-duty lead paint remover from Dumond Chemicals, architectural cleaning, historic masonry cleaning, and rust removal is safe and easy.


Peel Away® products, Peel Away® Marine products, Smart Strip™ products, and Lead Stop® are environmentally-safe lead-based paint removal systems developed by Dumond Chemicals that will aid any professional contractor in meeting EPA RRP standards. Dumond Chemicals is an industry leader in heavy-duty lead paint removal, and with products like Peel Away 1, Peel Away 5, Peel Away 7, or any other biodegradable lead paint remover from Dumond Chemicals, lead-based paint removal is safe and effective.


Dumond Chemicals is a leader in the paint and coatings industry thanks to its development of the best environmentally friendly lead paint removal systems for lead abatement and lead encapsulating. Since its inception, Dumond Chemicals has been dedicated to developing the best lead paint removal solutions for the marine, professional, DIY, and industrial consumer industries. If you are a professional contractor looking for ways to safely remove lead paint and meet EPA RRP standards, Dumond Chemicals has the solution for you. Call 800-245-1191 for more information on eco-green paint removal products.



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