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Public Works and Dumond® Chemicals

The Department of Public Works in cities across the country depends not only on their staff, but also reliable products and tools to make their respective cities as clean and presentable as possible. Buildings and sidewalks are among some of the many things that are affected over time by weather and the city’s inhabitants. Although the appearances of these structures may be blemished, they don’t have to be a permanent eyesore.

Paint Stripper for Even the Toughest Paints

Dumond Chemicals offers a variety of eco-green products for public works services.  From eco-friendly paint removers to graffiti solutions, these products work together to help with historical building restoration, graffiti cleanup, and building maintenance. 

We provide many paint removal products to Public Works Departments across the nation.  The following lead-based paint removers are both effective and eco-friendly:

  • Peel Away® ST-1 Steel Structures Paint Remover
  • Peel Away® 7 Solvent-Based Paint Remover
  • Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover
  • Smart Strip™ PRO Professional Paint Remover

Cleaners and Building Restoration

Building conservation can be a delicate task.  It is important to remove years of stains will maintaining the surface, no matter what it may be.  Whether it be limestone or brick, Dumond Chemicals has the following products to bring out the true beauty of buildings established decades if not centuries ago:

  • Safe 'n Easy® All Purpose Cleaner
  • Safe 'n Easy® Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner
  • Safe 'n Easy® Limestone Cleaner

Graffiti Cleanup
Graffiti is a common problem in cities all over, and removing them effectively while keeping the surface intact.  From porous surfaces like brick to delicate areas like glass, Dumond Chemicals lets no challenge hinder their performance.  Dumond Chemicals offers the Complete Graffiti Removal Kit, which is specifically created for all graffiti solutions, all while being eco-friendly.

Cleaning Cities with Dumond Chemicals
Dumond Chemicals has been dedicated to supplying their customers with advanced and eco-green products for over 30 years.  From paint removers to graffiti solutions, our products are easy-to-use and safe for both professionals’ and homeowners’ use.  With our strong history and reliable products, we strive to be the company you turn to for all of your paint removal and restoration solutions.



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