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Graffiti on porous surfaces, such as brick and concrete, can be difficult to remove. Once the spray paint seeps into the nooks and cracks of the surface it becomes a process that could be better left to a professional graffiti removal company, especially if the graffiti spreads over a larger surface like the exterior wall or columns of an office building. When looking into any graffiti removal service, you should be sure the techniques, products, and equipment used are safe for the environment. The use of harsh chemicals in removing graffiti may lead to surface damage, dangerous fumes, or contamination of public spaces. The best graffiti removal products on the market are the ones that are still effective even without containing harsh chemicals, making the graffiti removal process safe for surfaces, users, and the environment.


Dumond Chemicals offers professionals a wide range of graffiti removal products that are strong, fast-acting, and effective for removing graffiti in a single application, but are non-toxic, water-based, and biodegradable, making it safe for all involved. Even in the toughest industrial and commercial areas, these graffiti removers work well to remove graffiti quickly and easily with little to no surface damage.


Professionals wanting to learn how to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces can try one of the following Watch Dog™ graffiti removal products from Dumond Chemicals:


Use of a graffiti removal product after an area has been spray painted will be a much easier process if the surface has been treated with an anti-graffiti coating product first. Even porous concrete and brick surfaces can be protected from graffiti applications when a primer, sealer, or graffiti-resistant coating has already been applied.


Dumond Chemicals carries the following Watch Dog™ graffiti protective coating products for professionals to use in industrial, residential, or commercial cleaning:


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