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Citri-Lize™ Neutralizer
and Mill Glaze Remover

Citri-Lize Neutralizer and Mill Glaze Remover will help to lower the pH level on surfaces that are highly alkaline or after using our Peel Away® 1 Heavy Duty Paint Remover Complete Removal System. Citri-Lize Neutralizer and Mill Glaze Remover will help to lower the pH to a safe level of between 5 and 8, especially if painting is to follow. A surface showing a pH of over 8 should be treated with a further application of our non-toxic Citri-Lize Neutralizer and Mill Glaze Remover and left to dry before re-testing the pH and applying any coating. Allow surface to dry thoroughly (minimum of 7 days) before repainting, or until the moisture content is below 15% using a moisture meter. If the substrate has a moisture content of more than 15% it is too damp for painting. The best painting can be done when the moisture content is 12%.


Special Precautions for Specific Surfaces:

Cedar, redwood and cypress woods have high water-soluble content (resin and/or tannic acid) and extra drying time will be necessary before painting, otherwise staining will occur. Use a high quality breathable waterborne primer that slows and seals in extractive bleeding discoloration and moisture problems. Drying time could be 60-90 days or longer in some instances, depending on the moisture absorbed by the wood. It is most important that a moisture meter be used to test the surface before applying any coating. For masonry surfaces, like brick, stone, stucco, etc, follow directions above, and use a low pressure wash for cleaning after application of the Citri-Lize Neutralizer and Mill Glaze Remover. In most cases a single application of Citri-Lize Neutralizer and Mill Glaze Remover will be sufficient.

4 ounce bag - mixed with 1 quart of water covers 50 sq. feet
8 ounce bag - mixed with ½ gallon of water covers 100 sq. feet

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