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Paint Removal for Homeowners and Professionals


Dumond Chemicals is a leader in the development of innovative paint removers for

homeowners and professionals. Since we introduced our line of peel away deck products,

we’ve been finding new ways to make the job of removing paint easier and cleaner for

the environment. Removing paint the old fashioned way is a time consuming chore that is less

safe and not as effective as Dumond’s peel away deck products. Our heavy duty paint remover

is an eco-friendly and biodegradable paint stripper that can tackle the toughest surfaces

without the chore of scraping it by hand. You can remove 30 coats of built up paint from wood,

brick, concrete, stone, stucco, plaster, fiberglass, cast iron—even marble.


Here’s how it works. You lay down an even coat of peel away heavy duty paint remover onto

the surface. The coating attaches to complex surfaces like moldings, baseboards, and other

architectural details, making peel away deck products ideal for historic preservation work. A

convenient spray format makes coating complex surfaces like intricate plasterwork even more

effective. Set down a layer of Dumond’s special laminated paper onto the coated surfaces. The

paper serves to control the evaporation rate. After all of the paint is dissolved, you’re ready to

peel away the coating and the paper with a paint removal tool. After the surface is washed with

water, our new Citri-Lize™ neutralizer completes the process, brings the surface back to an

unfinished condition, and makes it fully prepared for the next step in your renovation project.


Dumond’s peel away deck products are ideal for surfaces with lead based paint also. Lead paint

encapsulation allows lead-based paint to be removed without causing dust or allowing lead to

escape into the air. The heavy coating of paint remover traps the old paint and the hazardous

lead particles. You should refer to local and federal guidelines for the removal of lead based

paints upon disposal. There are no flammable solvents or VOC’s, and, as an eco-friendly and

biodegradable paint stripper, you can rest assured that your next job is easy on the

environment. Take a look at our paint removers for homeowners and paint removers for professionals
and let us help you make your surfaces paint free.



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