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Industrial Paint Stripping Products from
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No one wants to spend countless hours stripping paint or varnish from a surface. Industrial paint stripping should be a safe and effective process. There are solutions for industrial paint stripping that are both cost-effective and heavy-duty, suitable for use on a variety of surfaces and paints. Many metal paint strippers can be harmful to the user and the environment, so professionals looking for an effective, yet safe, way to strip paint from a variety of surfaces can look no further.

Dumond Chemicals prides itself in providing the best industrial paint strippers for environmentally friendly paint removal from any surface. Industrial peel away paint removers, such as Peel Away® 1, are non-toxic paint stripper systems that take the hassle out of removing many layers of paint. Industrial steel paint removal is no match for Dumond Chemicals’ heavy-duty peel away paint remover systems. Whether you are working on historic restorations or removing architectural coatings, industrial paint stripping is easy when using Dumond Chemicals’ industrial paint and varnish removers. Dumond Chemicals offers a variety of green paint removers, and they are extremely effective at removing paint without damaging surfaces. For example, Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover is 100 percent biodegradable, and is one of the many eco-friendly products Dumond Chemicals has to offer.


Benefits of Using the Biodegradable Industrial Paint Strippers from Dumond Chemicals

  • Eco-friendly paint removal formulas are safe for the environment and the user.
  • Industrial lead-based paint removal is now safe, fast, and easy.
  • Industrial paint stripping solutions are cost effective. For example, one gallon of Peel Away® 5 Eco-Friendly Soy-Based Paint Remover can cover 60-70 square feet.
  • Paint on intricate, carved, or molded surfaces can easily be removed with the environmentally friendly industrial paint strippers.
  • Some products feature water-based formulations, such as the Peel Away® Black Mastic Remover.

Industrial paint stripping can be a fast and easy process with environmentally friendly products from Dumond Chemicals. Industrial peel away paint removers are some of the best paint strippers on the market, and they eliminate the need to use toxic paint stripping systems with harsh chemicals.

Dumond Chemicals revolutionized the international paint and coatings removal industry with its environmentally-safe solutions for Paint Removal, Graffiti Control Systems, Stone and Masonry Cleaning, Lead Abatement, and Lead Encapsulating Products. The company introduced the first eco-green paint removal systems that would replace unsafe mechanical methods of removing paint. Dumond Chemicals continues to be a lead manufacturer of heavy-duty paint removers in the DIY, professional, marine, and industrial consumer industries. For more information on Dumond Chemicals’ products that are used worldwide, call 800-245-1191.


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