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How to Safely Remove Spray Paint

To some, graffiti is a form of self-expression and any available surface is seen as a canvas to feature the artwork. However, spray painted graffiti can deface homes, buildings, signs, and greatly impact a neighborhood’s positive image. 


Great care must be taken to remove graffiti, especially if historic structures are involved. Before removing any spray paint, you want to make sure you’re using the right product for the job. Some graffiti removers can deface surfaces as much as spray paint can. Take the following into consideration before removing any graffiti:


  • Surface and Substance Type. Are you removing graffiti from brick, concrete, wood, glass, etc.? Is the surface smooth, porous, or painted? Is the graffiti applied with spray paint, marker, or stickers? All factors affect how to successfully remove the graffiti.
  • Removal Method. The right graffiti removal products will depend on the surface and substance type mentioned above. For some, the best method may be to paint over the graffiti, but if the spray paint or other substance must be removed, chemical removers or pressure washing are additional options.
  • Protective Coatings. Depending on the removal method, surfaces that contain protective coatings may require reapplication of these coatings. While anti-graffiti coatings and graffiti barriers make graffiti removal easier on most surfaces, you need to ensure the surface is properly coated before a graffiti substance is applied.


Graffiti Removal Products

As stated above, the graffiti removal process requires the right tools. Depending on the surface, substance, coatings, and size of the job, the following may be used in safely and effectively removing graffiti:



Removing spray paint and graffiti from smooth surfaces, such as glass, metal, and other non-porous surfaces, is safe and easy with the right graffiti removal products. Watch Dog™ Lift Away® Smooth Surface Graffiti Remover from Dumond Chemicals is not only safe for homeowners to use, but its non-toxic formula makes it an eco-friendly spray paint remover as well. When you have graffiti on porous surfaces, such as brick, cement, and stone, a more concentrated gel, like Watch Dog™ Wipe Out® Porous Surface Graffiti Remover is a better option. Whatever option you choose, be sure to read all product directions to ensure proper graffiti removal.


Wipe Out Graffiti Remover

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