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How to Remove Paint with
Dumond Chemicals Paint Strippers

Homeowners and professionals alike want to know how best to remove paint from wood, metal, concrete, and a variety of other surfaces. Dumond Chemicals' water-based paint removers are the best paint strippers for wood, metal, and many other surfaces. Paint stripping and removal is made easy and safe with Dumond Chemicals' extensive line of paint stripping products optimized for whatever application you may have in mind.

If you’d like to know how to get paint off wood floors, or remove paint from walls, doors, or furniture, Dumond Chemicals has the ideal product for you. Dumond Chemicals' paint strippers are effective for use with a wide range of paints. Are you looking to find out how to remove lead, latex, oil-based, or acrylic paints? Dumond Chemicals’ safe, non-toxic, and low-odor water-based paint removers are among the most powerful paint stripping products available today.

How to Get Rid of Paint Safely and Effectively
Effective paint strippers need not jeopardize the health of the person applying them. Who would want to jeopardize their health when removing lead-based paints to improve their dwelling places? Make sure you choose Dumond Chemicals' water-based and environmentally friendly paint removers so that you can have peace of mind in your lead abatement and other paint removal projects. Paint removers from Dumond Chemicals, from the Peel Away® 1 and 7, to the Smart Strip™ Advanced Paint Remover, PRO Professional Paint Remover, and more are the best way for both homeowners and professionals to quickly and adequately get the job done without harming the users.

How to Choose the Best Product to Get Rid of Paint
With Dumond Chemicals’ comprehensive line of safe and easy-to-use paint strippers, homeowners and professionals can sometimes be confused as to which specific product will work best for their project. That is why Dumond Chemicals offers its Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit. Featuring four of the most popular paint removers offered by the company, the Dumond Chemicals Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit allows homeowners and professionals the ability to test a wide array of paint strippers to determine how best to remove paint from wood, metal, concrete, or many other surfaces found in a variety of building environments. Order your own Complete Paint Removal Test Patch Kit to find out for yourself which of Dumond Chemicals' non-toxic water-based paint removers represents the best option for you.





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