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Microfiltration Membrane

During home improvement construction and other projects, debris and overspray can ruin the lawn, plants, and surrounding area of the jobsite. Dumond Chemicals offers a product that protects this area and makes construction cleanup easy. Catch-N-Cover™ is made of a strong, breathable, and specially-treated water filter material that allows both air and water to easily pass through as it collects debris and overspray from construction. The low-absorbent fabric will not suffocate, crush, flatten, or “cook” the vegetation underneath, even in direct sun like plastic or heavier tarps can. Not only does this lightweight barrier shield the area from dirt and debris, it remains strong even when wet and is durable enough for reuse.


How to Use Catch-N-Cover™

  1. Drape Catch-N-Cover™ over the area surrounding the construction site, either on the ground or over the lawn, shrubs and bushes, gardens, driveways, walkways, lawn furniture, and more. The fabric can be cut to create custom covers.
  2. Nail, tape, clamp, staple, stake or weigh the cover down to keep in place, and leave in place for duration of the project. Garden stakes can be used to create a tent over delicate vegetation.
  3. Perform home improvement tasks without worrying about debris damaging the area below.
  4. Any water, whether from rain or pressure washing, will drain through Catch-N-Cover™, leaving the dirt and debris on top of the cloth while keeping everything beneath it clean.
  5. Once the job is complete, the Catch-N-Cover™ material can be folded or rolled up for reuse or disposal. The debris and dirt should be folded toward the center of the fabric for disposal.

Features and Benefits

  • Dimensions of cloth are 11’ X 20’.
  • Cost-effective water containment solution that makes debris clean-up a breeze
  • Jobsite area is left clean and safe for kids and pets.
  • Safe and durable for extended use
  • Protects plants, outdoor furniture, paved walkways, and more
  • Air, rain, and washing water passes through while containing dirt, paint chips, stain flakes, and more

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