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Safe 'n Easy®
Stone & Steel Cleaner and Polish
(22oz Trigger Bottle)

With Dumond Chemical’s Safe ‘n Easy® Stone & Steel Cleaner and Polish 22 ounce trigger bottle, homeowners have an easy and effective way to maintain the original finish on stainless steel and stone products. This non-abrasive, water-based formula polishes and protects stone and steel surfaces in every house and is perfect for cleaning aluminum, brass, copper, chrome, porcelain, formica, and more.


Safe 'n Easy® Stone & Steel Cleaner and Polish creates a protective, streak-free, high-gloss, and smudge-proof finish leaving a polished, shiny, and clean surface behind. The stone and stainless steel polish is also ideal for granite, marble, and limestone countertops, helping to resist stubborn fingerprints, water spots, dirt, and dust. The safe and powerful formula was specially developed to maintain stainless steel and stone surfaces in the home.


The easy-to-use, non-abrasive formula is safe for everyday use, eliminating unsightly and unsanitary grease and food spots. Simply spray, clean, and wipe to be left with a spotless, shiny, lemon-scented surface.


Safe ‘n Easy® Stone & Steel Cleaner and Polish is user-friendly and has been engineered to fight the toughest of spots and dirt on a multitude of surfaces, including stone, steel, brass, copper, and more. This steel and stone cleaning product helps homeowners clean countertops, working as both a granite and marble cleaner and polish, in kitchens, bathrooms, and is great for polishing stainless steel appliances.



  • Ready-to-use 22oz. trigger bottle
  • Specially formulated to maintain the original finish on stainless steel products
  • Leaves a special protective coating that resists fingerprints, water spots, dirt and dust
  • Ideal for polished granite, marble, limestone, formica, porcelain, chrome, copper, brass, aluminum, and more
  • Daily use will eliminate unsightly and unsanitary grease and food spots
  • Leaves a protective, high gloss, streak free and smudge proof finish
  • Works great for stainless steel restoration
  • Safe, water-based, non-abrasive formula polishes and protects as it cleans
  • User-friendly; easy wipe on, wipe off with a clean lemon scent
  • Great for cleaning stainless steel appliances

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