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Safe 'n Easy®
Non-Toxic Efflorescence Remover

You can find it in your basement, garage, or on the patio. It appears on concrete, brick, and stucco, and given time to thrive, it’s not easily removed. Efflorescence is white salt deposits that appear on masonry surfaces, and it’s caused by low temperatures and moist conditions. Removing efflorescence can be easy when the right products are used early on. There’s no need to use harsh materials when Safe 'n Easy® Non-Toxic Efflorescence Remover works better than most conventional mineral and organic acids for the removal of efflorescence. Safe 'n Easy® Efflorescence Remover can be used on most dense types of masonry surfaces to remove even the most severe cases of salt, calcium and magnesium deposits.


As an environmentally friendly cleaning product, Safe 'n Easy® Non-Toxic Efflorescence Remover is made up of a globenon-fuming product that is safer and more effective than other acids when dissolving efflorescence salts. Safe 'n Easy® Non-Toxic Efflorescence Remover does not contain any harmful hydrofluoric acid, bleach, abrasives, caustic, mineral acids or petroleum distillates, making it a safe green cleaning product, ready for homeowners to use without diluting.


How to use Safe 'n Easy® Non-Toxic Efflorescence Remover

In addition to removing salts, Safe 'n Easy® Non-Toxic Efflorescence Remover contains a special surfactant that provides detergency properties to help remove rust, oil, and grease stains. Polished and painted surfaces should be protected before applying this product, and it should be kept away from plants and vegetation. The instructions below are typical for most applications:

  1. Apply product to a dry surface from the bottom up. Safe 'n Easy® Non-Toxic Efflorescence Remover covers approximately 200-250 square feet per gallon and is available in one and five gallon pails.
  2. Wait about 15-30 minutes for product to work, or the time determined during testing.
  3. Depending on the surface being cleaned, you may need to agitate the product before rinsing or power washing. Thoroughly wash the surface, from top to bottom again to avoid any streaking, until the foaming action stops to remove all remaining product.



  • Ready-to-use formula that has none of the hazards that are inherent with commonly used acids
  • Water-based, non-acid, green clean solution
  • Low odor, no VOCs, biodegradable, non-toxic and bleach free
  • Extremely fast and effective in removing efflorescence from most masonry surfaces while restoring them to their natural appearance.


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