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Peel Away® After Strip Final Cleanup

The paint may be gone, but is the surface truly clean? Make sure the recently paint stripped surface is completely residue-free with Peel Away® After Strip Final Cleanup. Final Cleanup is easy to use and a safe follow up for all Peel Away® and Smart Strip® Paint Removal Systems.  Peel Away® After Strip Final Cleanup is not a paint remover, so the Peel Away® or Smart Strip® Paint Removal Systems need to be used to remove all surface coatings before Peel Away® After Strip is used to remove any remaining paint stripping residue with ease and simplicity.



  1. Spray Peel Away® After Strip Final Cleanup to the surface being cleaned.
  2. Agitate the product with either a nylon scrub brush or synthetic scuff pad.
  3. Use a large sponge and clean water to remove the dissolved residues from the surface. You don’t need to wait for the product to take effect.
  4. For best results, limit your cleaning area to 40 sq. ft. (3.7 sq. m).


Peel Away® After Strip Final Cleanup can also be used on its own to clean fiberglass, brightwork, and teak surfaces during most marine boat maintenance applications, as well as removing thin layers of varnish and polyurethanes from a variety of wood surfaces. For heavier paint removal applications, be sure to use Smart Strip® Advanced Paint Remover first, then follow with the Peel Away® After Strip Final Cleanup.



  • Makes final clean-up of paint removal residue easy after using any Peel Away® and Smart Strip™ Paint Removal Products
  • Prevents any remaining paint removal residue from clinging to wood, metal, masonry, and fiberglass surfaces after paint stripping
  • Cleans, polishes, and preps all marine surfaces for restoration applications

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