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Lead Stop®
Lead Encapsulating Compound

When covering or painting over lead paint, you first need to apply a lead-based paint encapsulation product to create a safe and effective barrier over the surface. Lead Stop® is Dumond’s lead paint encapsulating compound that creates a thick elastomeric coating over the surface being treated. When applied correctly, Lead Stop® Lead Encapsulating Compound provides a long lasting, protective barrier that seals in and blocks lead contained in old lead-based paints on previously painted surfaces.


By following lead paint regulations, Lead Stop® Lead Encapsulating Compound has earned a seal of approval for lead paint abatement from D.L. Litter Laboratories and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Encapsulation Product Performance Protocol, Department of Public Health (Reg. #DL-10019). The safe lead paint abatement procedures using Lead Stop® Encapsulating Compound also meets the requirements of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.), which spells out a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Lead Stop® Lead Encapsulating Compound contains Bitrex anti-ingestant, and not only can it encapsulate lead-based paints, but Lead Stop® also provides long-term surface protection from further deterioration, cracking from impact, surface movement and aging.



  • As a water-based formula, Lead Stop® does not generate any hazardous fumes or odors.
  • Environmentally safe product: Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, nonflammable, and non-VOC globe
  • Encapsulating compound controls lead-dust dispersal during historic restoration and lead remediation projects.
  • Our Lead Stop® Lead Encapsulating Compound System makes lead paint encapsulating safe and easy for homeowners to use with during any type of lead paint remediation project.



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