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Complete Graffiti Removal Kit
The Best Graffiti Removal Products,
All in One Package

Graffiti removal jobs all pose their own particular challenges, which is why Dumond Chemicals offers a variety of different graffiti cleaning products. Whether you need graffiti removal that will be safe on coated surfaces, graffiti removal effective for brick, concrete, or another porous surface, or a spray paint remover for a smooth surface, Dumond has the best graffiti remover for you. Best of all, these globeenvironmentally friendly and biodegradable graffiti removers are both safe and effective, ready to meet any challenge at any location.


Whether you have multiple graffiti removal needs to meet or simply need to determine which product will work best for your situation, Dumond's Complete Graffiti Removal Kit is the right fit. With a sample of each of Dumond's graffiti cleaning products included along with detailed, step-by-step instructions, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the right spray paint remover for the job.


The Complete Graffiti Removal Kit includes:

  1. Watch Dog™ All-Purpose Graffiti Remover: This graffiti remover spray is biodegradable, safe, environmentally friendly, and water-based, perfect for homeowner use. It is even safe enough to remove graffiti on most delicate surfaces such as glass, plastics and cured two-component finishes and baked enamel, and works well at removing even the worst graffiti from surfaces treated with most graffiti barrier coatings. 22 oz. trigger bottle included.
  2. Watch Dog™ Lift Away® Smooth Surface Graffiti Remover: Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, nonflammable, and with low odor, this spray paint remover is just one of the many safe and eco-friendly graffiti removers available from Dumond Chemicals. Furthermore, this graffiti remover is as effective and easy-to-use as it is safe, removing most graffiti in a minute or less from smooth non-porous surfaces. 12 oz. aerosol included.
  3. Watch Dog™ Wipe Out® Porous Surface Graffiti Remover: This safe, non-drip gel is low in odor, highly effective, and biodegradable. Designed to meet the particular challenges of graffiti removal from brick, concrete, and other porous masonry and stone surfaces, this unique formulation can leave porous surfaces graffiti-free in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. 16 oz. sample size included.


Now homeowners have effective options for the removal of graffiti that are user-friendly and safe as can be. Order your own Complete Graffiti Removal Kit for the best graffiti removal products on the market today.

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