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Masonry Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal from porous masonry surfaces can prove to be difficult, but only if the right products are not used. Brick, concrete, and stone are porous surfaces that tend to attract graffiti artists because of large surface areas and easy outdoor access. There are ways to effectively guard against graffiti without adding man-power. Using an anti-graffiti coating on porous surfaces can make brick and concrete cleaning a lot easier. Dumond Chemicals offers an environmentally friendly All Purpose Primer/Sealer that acts as extra security to new or cleaned masonry surfaces.


All it takes is applying this product with a brush, roller, or airless sprayer over the surface to be protected. Any excess sealer should be removed from ledges or other areas where it may have accumulated. Depending on the surface, a second coat may be needed to maximize graffitibarrier protection.


How to Remove Spray Paint from Masonry


Removing spray paint from porous surfaces, like brick, concrete, and stone, is made safe and easy with another fast-acting product from Dumond Chemicals. The Watch Dog™ Wipe Out® Porous Surface Graffiti Remover is a green cleaning product that homeowners or professionals can use effectively in removing spray paint and other graffiti from non-painted areas. To use this product, simply brush, roll, or spray the formula over the graffiti, wait about 30 minutes for the product to attach to the graffiti material, then use a pressure washer or scrub brush to agitate the product before thoroughly rinsing the surface. One application is all that’s needed to remove adhesive, paint, caulk, epoxies, and more from brick, cement, stucco, pavers, and natural stone surfaces.


If you’re having issues cleaning or protecting surfaces from graffiti, check out Dumond’s line of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and graffiti removers.



Wipe Out Graffiti Remover

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