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Green Clean Solutions from Dumond

Any cleaning or restoration project should work to beautify a space, not damage the surrounding surface or area. No matter the size or difficulty of a job, you should have green clean solutions in place to keep your family and space safe, healthy, and protected. Even when you need to restore a hundred-year old property and clean layers of contaminate, you don’t need harsh chemicals to do so. Non-toxic cleaning products can be just as effective in cleaning the toughest dirt and grime, and they won’t damage delicate surfaces. An eco-friendly cleaning product is a friend to both the user and environment in any cleaning and restoration project.


Dumond Chemicals offers a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that work hard to clean oil, grease, rust, and other contaminates from a variety of surfaces, including brick and stone. One of the best features of Dumond’s cleaning products is the water-based formula that makes it ready to use and eco-friendly. Just because these products don’t contain strong acids to break down dirt doesn’t mean they’re any less effective. The following products work well to clean and restore surfaces quickly and effectively:



Green Cleaning Products from Dumond

If you’re still not convinced that an eco-friendly product can handle your heavy-duty project, Dumond provides samples of some of their cleaning supplies. Click here to browse and order the Safe n’ Easy product samples and discover for yourself how a non-toxic product can handle all of your cleaning and restoration needs.



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